Cheap Cross Trainers UK 2024 – Best Value Options


If you are looking for a cheap Cross trainer in the UK, then please make sure to check out this researched list of competitive low priced Cross trainers that we found which are available across different suppliers in the UK at present and any prices outlined are based on what was on sale at the time of this review. Please note also that these prices can change slightly from month to month so please make sure to view the price checkers outlined below to ensure you have the most accurate up to date price information.

We covered several popular brands and some of these options are even available for less than £200 as you scroll down further through this list so there should be a Cross trainer here that can meet your own budget expectations.

Before you view our list of 5 best value cheapest Cross Trainers online, feel free also to check out the video below which will outline some tips to help you get the most out of your new Elliptical Cross Trainer as they are a very versatile machine allowing you to work on your arms, legs and your core area going in backwards and forward motions while being gentle on your joints at the same time.

Video Demo – Cross Trainer Elliptical Workout Tips & Tricks

Cheap Elliptical Cross Trainers UK - 5 Recommendations

1, Opti 2 in 1 Air Cross Trainer and Exercise Bike

Main Features

Stride length is 11 inches long

Free tension wheel

Air resistance with basic console

Flywheel weight 1.9kg

Maximum user weight guide is 100kg

Price Guide: £150 - £200

2, Dripex Magnetic Elliptical Cross Trainer CT-2024

Main Features

Heavier flywheel weight of 6kg

8 levels of resistance

Small LCD console tracking monitor

Pulse heart rate monitor

Holder for your smart device

Price Guide: £200 - £250

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3, JLL CT200 Home Elliptical Cross Trainer

Main Features

8 levels of magnetic resistance

Monitor can be used as a tablet holder

Heart Rate Sensor

Maximum user weight 100kg

1 year home warranty

Price Guide: £200 - £250

4, Sunny Health & Fitness Step Elliptical Machine

Main Features

Stepping legacy elliptical cross trainer

Low impact cardio workouts

Magnetic resistance and belt drive system

8 levels of magnetic resistance

LCD monitor with pulse rate

Price Guide: £180 - £230

5, Pro XS Sports 2-in-1 Elliptical Cross Trainer & Exercise Bike

Main Features

Can be used as a seated ​indoor bike​ or an upright ​elliptical cross trainer

Targets more muscle groups

LCD monitors and heart pulse sensors

Suitable for all fitness levels

Maximum user weight guide is 110kg

Price Guide: £150 - £200

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After reviewing over 30 Cross Trainers, we hope this short reviewed list can help you in some small way and perhaps narrow down the available options for you. We have included basic lower priced Cross trainers, combination Exercise bikes and Cross trainers, medium priced Cross Trainers and also a higher end premium Cross Trainer  in the event that you have more money to spend. Which Cross Trainer would we choose? For the overall best value and quality, our preferred choice is actually the JLL Elliptical Cross Trainer outlined earlier and further images and today's updated price tag can be double checked below...

Community Feedback - Cross Trainers

Have you used any of these Cross Trainers yourself in the recent past? Have you anything good or bad to report? If possible, please share your own opinions or feedback in the comment box section provided below - so that other across the community can learn also...

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  1. I am a fitness enthusiast with my own home gym. I have been looking to buy a new cross trainer within my budget. I personally am attracted by the V Fit Fit MTE3 Magnetic Elliptical Cross Trainer and I look forward to getting it pretty soon in the next fortnight. Thanks for the article and helping me find something which is under my specified budget

  2. I have used a really cheap cross trainer in the past few years but all the daily workouts has taken its toll and I need something that is not so cheap but better quality that can stand more pressure for my cardio workouts and for that reason I would go with Reebok Jet100 all the way, to be fair the price at Argos is not all that bad and they cover it for 2 years which is a lot more than what many others can do

  3. Last night, my husband and I were discussing how we can lose weight and be healthier as we both gained a lot of weight since we got married last year. The gym isn’t a solution as they’re all too expensive and I don’t like to leave the house to go to the gym as it is far too long of a commute. What I like about these cross trainers is that they don’t take as much space as many workout equipment and you can save on expensive gym fees which seem to be increasing every year. We live in a small apartment so the V Fit Fit MME 1 Manual Trainer will fit the bill and they are much easier to train on than treadmills in my opinion

  4. Thanks for writing this article on cheap cross trainers as I need the utmost lowest price as I am saving for several other items in my new house. I didn’t realise you could get the 2 in 1’s so you can get an exercise bike and the cross trainer all in one! Hey I wish I found this out before, no need to buy an additional bike now so thanks for the heads up. Based on this the Opti Magnetic 2 in 1 is the one for me

  5. This is a great article,very exhuastive. I have the Opti Magnetic 2 in 1 Cross Trainer and Exercise Bike bought last year December and I must say it was a good buy @ the time. It’s portable and rigid however it’s not for the big guys as it maximum load is around 90 with the parts. For an average body like mine it is a good buy if budget+ efficiency is your concern and you’re not a “big” guy I recommend Opti Magnetic 2 in 1 Cross Trainer and Exercise Bike for you because it’s serving me. Another point worth noting is the assembly of the parts though it’s easy,it could be a pain in the rear if you are not techy type so you may need help to set it up for you. Thank you for sharing this article. Another one I love more among the list is the Opti Magnetic Cross Trainer it looks rugged and I would like try it out too in the future if the needs arise.

  6. I’m looking for a cross trainer for my wife, since hers is broken and she will need one and I want to give her a surprise of buying a new one, I spent several hours looking in several places for the right one, and after I saw your cheap review with this list of cheap cross trainers, it is just in time and the list is a real time saver. I really like the V Fit Fit MME 1 Manual Magnetic Elliptical Trainer and hopefully she will like it when it arrives. Thank you for outlining and gathering these cheap options together – very helpful to me and saved a few pounds today

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