JTX Treadmill Reviews 2024 – Compilation


Updated with improved and upgraded Sprint 5 and Sprint 7 models - If you are considering buying a JTX treadmill in the coming days or weeks, then make sure to check out our detailed JTX Treadmill review which will compare 4 models under the JTX Treadmill range namely the Slimline Compact, the Sprint 5, the Sprint 7 and also the Sprint 9 so at least you have more than just one choice when it comes to making a final decision. (please note that the Sprint 5 and the Sprint 7 have been recently upgraded which can be checked out further below)

This review will take a look at the main features offered by these treadmills plus we will outline all the main pros and cons that you need to be aware also. In addition, we will also outline a comparison table for the 4 models which will add further clarity and which also allows easier comparisons to be made by you and will cover details such as their running deck size, dimensions, weights, motor power and maximum user weight allowances for each.

Before we start, please be aware that guide prices can only be outlined at the time of this review as prices can change slightly from week to week or month to month depending on local discount activities – so please make sure to view the price checkers outlined below to ensure you have the most accurate up to date price information. If at the end of this review you are still unsure about a Treadmill under the JTX Fitness brand, then take a quick look also at alternative brands, suppliers and models that a worth a closer look outlined at the end of this page.

This review for the JTX Treadmills will be outlined in 5 parts so feel free to skip to whatever part interests you the most…

  • Part 1: Brief Overview
  • Part 2: JTX Treadmill Range Review - Features, Pros and Cons
  • Part 3: Comparison Table for the 4 Models
  • Part 4: Finance Options Available
  • Part 5: Alternative Brand Comparison Options

Part 1: Brief Overview

Treadmill Brand:JTX Fitness
Models:Slim-line Compact, Sprint 5, Sprint 7, Sprint 9
Orders Online:Yes, with free next working day delivery in Mainland UK (orders before 2pm)
Best Place to Buy:JTX Fitness UK (West Sussex) – View Stock Availability Here
Price Guide:£450 to £1300 (at the time of this review)
Warranty:28 day money back guarantee, 1 to 3 years Home & labour repair, 10 year motor, lifetime on the frames
Support:Customer Service or personal trainers at 01273 453855

Background Information - JTX Fitness Overview

JTX Fitness are a sports equipment retailer based in West Sussex in the UK for home gym equipment and you can place orders either in their stores or their online platform. The specialise and focus on the important gym features that you need and incorporate them into their various fitness equipment models be it treadmills, exercise bikes or cross trainers to mention just a few which are all built and designed for home use.

There have an excellent reputation and fantastic customer reviews as seen on trust pilot and they provide several videos, detailed product specifications, tailored expert advice to meet your fitness goals. They also offer top class after sales support and have a solid distribution network set up for their delivery services. In addition, they offer one of the best warranties we have seen across the industry and also a 28 day money back no quibble guarantee which they stand by with no strings attached.

Premium Features:

Premium features that they offer are vast such as the 8 quick start buttons, digital inclines, black diamond running belts (lasts longer than standard belts) and in-built Polar receivers for heart rate monitoring which connects wirelessly to the JTX computer display. You can also connect with various running apps such as running in virtual worlds or even join group races and tackle real life running tracks such as Zwift Runpod.

The frames of these treadmills are made from heavy gauge steel and also high-grade ABS parts and they offer built in speakers which are better quality than most to keep you motivated especially for long distance running as well as the 8 Point suspension shock system on selected models along with Bluetooth connectivity to specific training apps.

Part 2: JTX Treadmill Range Review x 4 - Features, Pros and Cons

1, JTX Slim Line Fold Away Compact Treadmill

Main Features:

Compact version for smaller living spaces
Motor is 1.5HP continuous and folds flat
Operates at speed of 1 to 14 km per hour
Speed can be adjusted by swiping the DiscTech
Auto 15 incline levels available – digital control
Weight loss and fat burning programs
Running deck size is L125 by W41cm
Folded dimensions are L157 by W73 by H24cm
Overall size is L157 by W73cm
Warranty is 1 year home repair
28 day money back no quibble guarantee
Price Guide: £450 to £550 (most popular model)
Finance: 0% APR 6 months or 12 months available

2, JTX Sprint 5 Home Treadmill - Upgraded


Main Features:

Motor is 2.5HP continuous & foldable
DiscTech technology without a need to look down
Can be used for training for half marathons / Noise reduction technology included / Includes chest strap
Operates at higher speed of 1 to 18 km / hour
Auto incline levels 0-12% available digitally controlled
Running deck size increased to L140 by W48cm
Now 43 programs available & JTX 8 point CushionStep™ Deck
Folded dimensions are L114 by W83 by H157cm
Size is L174 by W83cm by H157cm / Built in polar receiver
Upgraded Speakers / Warranty 2 year home repair service
Kinomap Bluetooth enabled / 28 day guarantee
Weight 79kg / Price Guide: £600 to £700
Finance: 0% APR 6 months or 12 months available

3, JTX Sprint 7 Large Motorised Treadmill - Upgraded


Main Features:

Motor power of 3HP with 8 Point Cushionstep Deck
Built for long distance endurance training
Operates at speed levels of 1 to 20 km per hour
Upgraded speakers / 15 inclines available (0-15%)
Now 43 different programs available
8 point Cushionstep Deck size is L145 by W51cm
JTX DiscTech™ for performance and safety
Free 250ml treadmill lubricant / Max user weight 160kg
Compact folding design and locks tight
Warranty is 3 years home repair service / Size L179 x W88 x H159cm
28 day money back guarantee / Folded L120 x W88 x H159cm
Weight 90kg / Price Guide: £700 to £900
Finance: 0% APR 6 months or 12 months available

4, JTX Sprint 9 Superior Gym Treadmill

Main Features:

Motor power of 3HP with 8 Point Deck
A large high performance commercial gym treadmill
Advanced computer console with Bluetooth
Extra large CushionStep™ pro running deck
Running deck size is L205 by W92cm
CushionStep™ Pro shock absorbers elastomer
Heart rate training included and tablet holder
Dual-Hydraulic folding system included
Includes free heart rate strap, lubricant & mat
Warranty is 3 years home repair service
28 day guarantee & dual water bottle holders
Price Guide: £1000 to £1300 (most expensive)
Finance: 0% APR 6 months or 12 months available

Main Pros or Advantages:

  • Excellent customer support and services is provided throughout by JTX fitness and their team and they are very quick to respond to any issues that may arise
  • You get the option for the Slimline Compact model which can be folded away under the bed (24cm high only) and is the best solution for people living in smaller living spaces.
  • Digital inclines give you superb hill climbing training and improves your cardio system, glutes, hamstrings and calf muscles
  • Includes premium features such as the DiscTech™ speed adjustments for increased safety and performance as you don’t need to look down – all you need to do is swipe your finger on the JTX DiscTech™ system
  • No assembly work is needed as it is more or less ready to go straight from the box and you can get interactive and connect with a range of approved running apps such as the popular Zwift Runpod
  • Excellent payment options are available at 0% APR, instead of paying for the full cost, you can pay a 10% deposit and then pay it off over a 6 month period or even a 12 month period which is a great way to spread the cost over a longer period of time
  • They do their best to ensure smooth deliveries and will contact you 1 hour in advance and will also drop it into your chosen room which is a superb level of service offered.
  • Nice little freebies are added in such as the free treadmill lubrication kit and also free weighted hand gloves and overall they want to have the best possible buying hassle free experience for their customers. You ca also use the Kinomap which is Bluetooth enabled on selected models such as the Sprint 5

Main Cons or Disadvantages:

  • One thing that can be annoying is the very large gap between the standard prices and the promotional prices – makes you wonder if the standard prices are inflated somewhat to increase potential savings
  • The Slimline compact model is limited to a speed of 14 km per hour where we see other models offering higher speeds to 16km per hour and in some cases 20 km per hour
  • If you want a Saturday delivery, there will be an additional cost of £20 involved
  • If you want them to undo all the packaging at delivery and get it fully 100% up and running, it will cost you over £100 which is far too excessive (they indicate this is not needed anyway)
  • Subsidised delivery charges will need to be paid for harder to reach locations outside England, Scotland and Wales. Plus, you may need to wait up to 5 working days or more in these harder to reach locations to get your delivery
  • External couriers and deliveries used by JTX are sometimes a little unreliable with meeting specific timeslots which is no fault of JTX themselves but it is something that can happen which is out of their control
  • On certain occasions, some small parts like screws and bolts can be missing which can be very frustrating and annoying
  • Many of these treadmills are very heavy so you would need some hired help to get them upstairs if that is where you intend to use it (the Sprint 9 weighs over 140kg!)

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Part 3: Comparison Table for all 4 Models – Slimline vs Sprint 5 vs Sprint 7 vs Sprint 9

A comparison table is outlined below for the 4 different JTX treadmills so you can compare for yourself all the features, sizes, warranties, freebies and dimensions involved across their range

Feature:JTX Slim-Line JTX Sprint 5JTX Sprint 7JTX Sprint 9
Motor:1.5HP (peak 3HP)2.5HP (peak 5HP)3HP (peak 6HP)3HP (peak 6HP)
Speed:1 to 14km/hr1 to 18km/hr1 to 20km/hr1 to 20km/hr
Speed Adjustment:Swipe DiscTechSwipe DiscTechSwipe DiscTechSwipe DiscTech
Incline:DigitalDigital - now 0 to 12%Digital - now 0 to 15%Digital
Incline Levels:15 levels12 levels15 levels15 levels
Screen Display:7 programsIncreased to 43 programsIncreased to 43 programs28 programs
Speakers:IncludedNew UpgradedNew UpgradedIncluded
Transport Wheels:IncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
Size:L157 x W73cmL174 x W83cm x H157cmL179 x W88cm x H159cmL205 x W92cm
Folded:L157 x W73 x H24cmL114 x W83 x H157cmL120 x H159 x W88cmL116 x H180 x W92cm
Deck Size:L125 x W41cmL140 x W48cm (now larger)L145 x W51cmL153 x W52cm
User Weight:Max 110kg Max 160kgMax 160kgMax 180kg
Warranty:1 year home repair2 year home repair & 10 year motor3 year home repair & 10 year motor3 year home repair & 10 year motor
Money Back Guarantee:28 days28 days28 days28 days
Bonus:Free weight gloves & lubricantFree 250ml lubricant. Polar receiver chest strapFree 250ml lubricant, Built in polar receiver Free 250ml lubricant, Heart rate strap & mat
Auto Stop SystemYesYesYesYes
Cooling Fan:NoNoNoYes
Assembly:None neededMinimal neededMinimal needed20 minutes
Finance Available:Yes @ 0% APRYes @ 0% APRYes @ 0% APRYes @ 0% APR

Part 4: Finance Options Available

One of the great things about these treadmills from JTX is the fact that they can be paid over a longer period of time be it a 6 month or a 12 month duration. You will need to pay a 10% deposit though and then you can choose between either the 6 month term or the 12 month term at zero per cent APR. 4 examples are outlined below of what you can expect to pay with these different payment terms

  1. Example 1 – overall price is £475, pay the 10% deposit of £47.50, then pay over a 6 month period at £71.25 per month
  2. Example 2 – overall price is £475, pay the 10% deposit of £47.50, then pay over a 12 month period at £35.62 per month
  3. Example 3 – overall price is £599, pay the 10% deposit of £59.90, then pay over a 6 month period at £89.85 per month
  4. Example 4 – overall price is £599, pay the 10% deposit of £59.90, then pay over a 12 month period at £44.92 per month

Part 5: Alternative Brand Comparison Options

If after all this and you are still undecided about a Treadmill under the JTX brand or of you feel that they are out of your price range, then feel free also to take a quick look also at some the options provided below from different brands which are certainly worth considering also before you make your important final decision.

Finally - Have you any experience yourself of using an JTX Slim line or Sprint Treadmill in the recent past?

If so, it would be greatly appreciated if you can share your own experiences good or bad with the wider community by leaving your feedback about your particular model in the comment section below – So that others across the UK community can learn also!

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  1. There’s all the information you could possibly need in this JTX treadmill review to help you make an informed choice before purchasing, not only about the equipment itself, but about the supplier as well. I had been thinking about a collapsible model but looked at the others too as they are all 5 star rated whereas the collapsible was 4 star. I’ve checked out available space in the room where I’d put one and it seems there no need after all to go for a collapsible model where I’d have to be looking down which is not the best running posture. Thanks for the information and the dimension info and I’ve bookmarked this site for future reference as it’s so easy to find the information I’m looking to compare various treadmills and so forth, Regards, Richard

  2. I need to get my weight down and my best friend had mentioned these JTX treadmills that they were fab so I was checking out reviews and came across this review which has been a big help in giving me everything that I wanted to know and more. Great job and thanks for clarifying all my queries

  3. This is a really great review. I have been looking to start my own home gym and after so many consultations, I was told to start with a nice jtx treadmill because I can actually pay for one over a long period of time. I think it is great since I can’t pay at once. I’m glad I read through your review and I’ll definitely get one of this treadmills for my home workout. Thanks for posting this as I was unsure about them until now

  4. To be honest, I was excited when I realised that this treadmills are excellent for building up cardio exercise and mountain racing too. Generally, the various juxtapositions and summaries in each of the jtx treadmills actually provides for different options for selection but then, the pricing is an integral factor for my purchase and going by the fact that I run on a very limited budget right now, I may find it difficult to purchase any of this at the moment. However, should in case I want to expand my gym, then I will give these a serious consideration as the quality certainly grabbed my attention

  5. Hi Peter, I’ve been wanting a treadmill for a while now and am pretty much sold on the Reebok. From what I read in your review, the JTX brand has quite a large price range. What would be the main advantages of purchasing a higher priced JTX treadmill as compared to something like the foldaway model? 

    I do like the idea of the foldaway feature but worry that the functionality of the actual treadmill may be compromised by the fact that it is smaller and more compact. What are your thoughts?

    • All I can say is that these JTX treadmills are absolutely awesome and one of the best we have ever come across. You will not be disappointed as the quality and features are definitely worth the money. Best of luck, Peter

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