iWalk Treadmill Review 2024 – Worth the Money?


If you are thinking about buying an iWalk treadmill in 2020, then make sure to take a quick look through this brief iWalk Treadmill review which will outline all that you need to be aware of before you make that all-important decision.

This review will outline all the key features that it has to offer you plus all the main pros and cons that you need to be aware of also before you buy. Included here also will be a short set of frequently asked questions that should take care of most of the queries that you may have which we hope will be of benefit to you in some way.

In addition, if you wish to explore cheaper options elsewhere, you can take a look also at the lower priced options provided below that are also worth a closer look especially if you wish to save some money in the process.

Please note also that guide prices can only be presented at the time of this review as prices can change slightly from week to week or month to month depending on local promotional activities – so please make sure to view the price checkers outlined below to ensure you have the most accurate up to date price information.


Treadmill Brand:iWalk
Model:iWalk Home Family Treadmill
Orders Online:Yes, delivery is usually 4 to 5 working days
Reliable Supplier:JML Direct UK – View Stock Availability Here
Delivery Costs:Standard orders in the UK are free if the value of the order is over £45

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How long does delivery take?
A. Delivery is normally 4 to 5 working days
Q. How long does it take to assemble?
A. It will depend on your level of skill but takes on average 20 to 30 minutes to complete
Q. Can I request a next working day delivery?
A. Yes you can but orders need to be placed before 2.30pm and the cost is generally around £7.00 extra
Q. What are the speeds levels available?
A. The speed levels available for this treadmill range from 1 to 10 km per hour
Q. Can I place it on a rug or thick carpet surface?
A. Rugs and thick carpet surfaces should be avoided as they reduce the cooling capacity of the motor
Q. Where do you attach the magnetic safety key?
A. You need to attach the magnetic safety key to your waist area before you start your session

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iWalk Treadmill Review - Features, Pros and Cons:

iWalk Home Family Treadmill

Main Features:

Built in integrated speakers
Silent Motor of 1 HP
Used for walking and jogging
Safety magnetic cut off key
Foldable for easier storage
Multi function LCD screen
Oil Lubricant bottle included
6 user settings
Maximum user weight 110kg
Folding pin and vertical bolt
3.5mm Audio Cable
Instruction manual
Net weight is 22kg
Speed level of 1 to 10kmph

Main Pros or Advantages (6)

  1. One thing you will like is the low level of noise associated with this treadmill and also the fact that it can be folded away after use.
  2. There is a reliable customer support team in the UK which can track your order and deal with any issues that may arise.
  3. Size is quite small when compared to the larger more powerful treadmills which is ideal for people living in smaller spaces and the fact that it can be folded away after use is a major plus.
  4. To keep you motivated, you can plug in your phone to the integrated speakers and listen to your favourite music as you complete your workout
  5. If you stumble or get distracted and lose your footing while working out, the treadmill will automatically switch off with the magnetic cut off key providing you with additional safety features
  6. An oil lubricant is included with your delivery and the fact that is weighs just 22kg makes it very portable around your home

Main Cons or Disadvantages (5)

  1. If you wish to run beyond just 10km per hour, then you start looking elsewhere. Plus if you are over 110kg, then this treadmill is simply not strong enough to support you and you should consider other alternatives.
  2. At times, delivery can take longer than 5 working days which is annoying if you need to have it in a hurry
  3. Assembly is not all that bad but requires a good deal of time and a certain level of skill and patience to get through all the steps
  4. Replacement parts if needed are more difficult than expected to source and overall, we found it to be less powerful than some of the other more popular brands that have a similar cost base.
  5. The price guide for this 1HP Treadmill when last seen at the time of this review was in the £300 to £350 price range which would be considered quite high in our opinion when compared to various other brands and can be double checked below if you wish to take a closer look

Further Images are Outlined Below:

  • Front View

Comparisons versus other Brands:

While the price for the iWalk Family Treadmill is more than what we expected, you should also compare the 3 options provided below which are lower priced and certainly worth a closer look before you make your final decision. All 3 options outlined below had a price guide of less than £250 at the time of this review while the Bodytrain Treadmill was available for less than £170…


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This Treadmill is by no means the best we have come across but is still adequate for lighter type sessions such as brisk walking and light jogging and the price level is a little steep and certainly could be somewhat lower in our opinion. However, if you weigh over 110kg and you intend to use a treadmill for running faster than 10km per hour, then you should really consider other more powerful treadmill models under other brands that can offer speeds of up to 18 km per hour in some cases.


Finally - Have you any experience yourself of using an iWalk Treadmill?

If so, it would be greatly appreciated if you can share your experiences good or bad with the wider community by leaving your feedback in the comment section below – So that others across the community can learn also!

Many thanks for taking the time to visit and best of luck with your final decision

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  1. Sorry I bought the iwalk treadmill, on manual mode it kept coming to a standstill no matter how much I adjusted the belt or what speed I had it on. It felt fragile and would not stand up to any heavy punishment other than very slow gingerly walking. Extremely disappointed in this treadmill and it’s way overpriced. I’ve had much cheaper treadmills that worked far better.

  2. Just set this thing up tonight. Plug had bent pins, which I bent back to the correct alignment. Speaker system in this thing is WOEFUL, just use a bluetooth speaker and keep it nearby, as this thing has speakers that probably only cost about 2 bucks, they sound terrible and the 3.5mm cable gets way too much noise. I swear it’s like this thing was a returned product that wasn’t repaired very well.

    Using it, the treadmill is ok, but I would be right at the weight limit of this thing at 110kg. It would be handy if the platform was about 6-8 inches wider and about 6 inches longer as well, as I am 6 foot 2 and take long strides when I walk, and my back foot almost slips off each time I go to finally lift it. The narrowness makes it feel awkward to walk on but it seems to do ok. Hopefully this thing will last a few months to a year before having problems, but it seems to scream “CHEAP” and “BUDGET” everywhere on it that you look.

  3. Yes I think I will need to look at some other brands as well as this one. It may be a nice backup since it is light weight. I like that it is light weight and it looks like it is built well but it may not suit my weight level. It could serve as a nice starter treadmill for the novice as you build up to faster speeds. My brother has one and uses it for walking exercises when its too wet or cold outside and it seems to do the basic job sufficiently enough for him anyway

  4. Good, in-depth review of this treadmill.  I like the MP3 capabilities and the lack of noise.  It does look pretty lightweight, and I’m within the weight limit of running on this.  Thank you as well for providing comparisons of other models.  I’ve never used the iWalk treadmill myself yet, but I will definitely consider it if I get to the point when I want to build a small gym as the size dimensions seem ok.

  5. During this pandemic, most of us began to exercise at home. I started without equipment. But I know we can only get so far with dead weight. So, I think I outgrew my initial training. It’s time to buy some equipment. And finding good ones that don’t break the bank is even better, after reading this review I reckon I will avoid the iWalk and try another brand that offers more features and a more powerful motor to withstand and support faster pace running

  6. Today 12/921: On 9/921 – I paid $114.98 to be delivered in 2weeks time.
    But it arrived 10/9/21
    Motor was exposed- plastic Cover was off. I can’t use it.. motor loose: & free gift is Air fryer- I sign up for a AIR ROASTER PRO. Is this a returned iwalk Pro.. it’s got to be..it’s going to cost me $100 to return it.. I’m so 🤬

    • That is totally unacceptable – I can only imagine your frustrations! Call them and ask them to pick it up as soon as possible – take pictures and send to them. You shouldn’t have to cover the cost of the return as they sent you faulty goods in the first place!

  7. I have the iwalk and I wish I didn’t buy it. I bought it from an elderly lady that only used it a couple of times. I understand why she didn’t like it as the mat slips about once or twice a minute. I checked the mat tension and surface and they appear fine. I’m glad I didn’t buy it new

  8. I have the I-Walk and wish I hadn’t bought it. It’s bulky not mobile (I have the XL). The wheels don’t do much to help move it. It stops after 30 mins on manual, just why? You can’t pause a program or on manual, which I would find useful. And the biggest kick in the teeth is if you buy it at the highest price point 299, they will probably reduce it by 100 the next day. The returns policy means you can’t afford to send it back if there is nothing wrong with it so research carefully.

  9. I bought so that I could walk a treadmill during the pandemic. I’ve not used it that much but I have been through all the programs. They’re really good for my age group. The only thing I didn’t like was it was on a permanent incline not very steep I think it’s well worth the money and I’ve had no problems. It’s nice and lightweight to move from room to room has all the instructions you need a brilliant little machine I love it

  10. I was really impressed with this treadmill. Neither bulky or heavy its light weight, and wheels make it easy enough to move (unscrew locking nut and lift).
    To begin weight loss and fitness this machine is It is ideal for most people.
    If you weigh over 18 stone, you may need a heavier machine.
    The ‘Walk’ has a built in incline of 5%, a speed range of 1 -10. However, I would recommend level 7 at a maximum; fast enough for a steady run.
    The booklet training programme guides the user from beginner to Advanced (six levels).
    Always try to begin workouts by standing on the side rails of the machine, switching on, then stepping onto the belt, this saves wear and tear on the machine. Like any training programme the hardest work is motivating yourself to begin. The ‘iWalk’ will hopefully make this easy for you, just switch it on.

  11. Brought this when it was supposedly discounted
    Only gripe it switches off after 30 mins on manual
    Waiting to seen what customer service say.

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