Opti Treadmill Review 2024 – Manual Vs Motorized


Many thanks for taking the time to visit and welcome to this Opti Treadmill review which will cover 3 separate models under the Opti brand so at least you have more than once choice when it comes to making a final decision. This review will also outline a short series of frequently asked questions that has come up in the recent past that should be of benefit to you which hopefully will answer most of the queries that you may have.

We will also cover and outline all the key features that each of them has to offer, all the main pros and cons that you need to know plus a comparison table at the end which should add further clarity on what each of them can provide the end user. Please note also that guide prices can only be presented at the time of this review as prices can change slightly from week to week or month to month depending on local promotional activities – so please make sure to view the price checkers outlined below to ensure you have the most accurate up to date price information.

If at the end of this review you are still unsure about a Treadmill under the Opti brand, then feel free also to view alternative brands and models which are also outlined further below that are worth a closer look. This review for the Opti Treadmill will be outlined in 4 parts as follows:

  1. Overview and Frequently Asked Questions
  2. Opti Treadmill Reviews x 3 models – Features, Pros and Cons
  3. Comparison Table for the Opti Treadmill models
  4. Alternative Brand Comparisons

Part 1: Overview and Frequently Asked Questions

Treadmill Brand:Opti
Models:Manual x 1 and Motorised x 2
Orders Online:Yes, delivery is usually 3 to 5 working days
Cheapest Place to Buy:Argos UK – View Stock Availability Here
Warranty:12 months – Seller dependant

Frequently Asked Questions (10)

Q. Can someone weighing 16 stone use the Manual Opti treadmill?
A. No, the max user weight limited is 100kg or 15st and 10 Ibs for all 3 models below
Q. If the belt feels like it is slipping, how do you tighten it?
A. You need to follow the instructions and adjust the tension on the belts (motorized versions)
Q. Can the tension be tightened on the manual treadmill?
A. No, the tension of the belt on the manual treadmill cannot be tensioned
Q. Can the manual treadmill speed be increased?
A. It can only be increased by the speed of your own feet pushing the belt
Q. Is the manual treadmill height adjustable?
A. No, the manual treadmill is not height adjustable
Q. Can you enter your weight and height data to the console?
A. No, you cannot enter personal data statistics to the console
Q. How do you add the oil to the treadmill?
A. Instructions for adding oil to the treadmill is included on page 28 of the instruction manual
Q. Does the motorized treadmills report distances in Kilometres or Miles?
A. It can report on both Kilometres or miles by adjusting the settings
Q. How do you adjust the incline settings?
A. You need to lift the running deck and adjust the bracket to the desired location
Q. What time limits are there on the motorized treadmill consoles?
A. The time limit on the motorized treadmill consoles is 99 minutes and 59 seconds

Part 2: Opti Treadmill Reviews x 3 models – Features, Pros and Cons

1, Opti Non-Motorised Manual Folding Treadmill JX-301

Main Features:

Manual Treadmill
Fixed 6% Incline (only 1)
Console tracker 5 functions
Folds flat after use
Includes 2 AA batteries
Wheels for transporting
Max user weight is 100kg
Run deck is L104 by W32.8cm

Advantages or Pros:

  • It can be folded very tightly away when not in use which is ideal for people in smaller living spaces
  • Environmentally friendly option as there is no motor or power included, you start and operate it manually yourself.
  • Ideal for people who only want a simple walking exercise unit at the lowest possible price which in some cases is available for less than £100
  • Set up is quite easy, folds away nicely and offers fair value for money for what you are getting. If you want a simple treadmill for some light walking or brisk walking, then this will do the job if you have less than £100 / £120 to spend

Disadvantages or Cons:

  • You are limited to one incline only where many other models offer multiple incline levels which is fixed at 6%
  • Limited to walking only as jogging is too difficult in our opinion and you need to hold the handlebars at all times to prevent stumbling off. If you want a running machine, then skip to the model options outlined further below
  • Requires self-assembly at home and a certain level of skill, otherwise will take a lot longer to complete.
  • Limited to a maximum user weight of 100kg or 15 stone and 15Ibs and it does take a bit of practice trying to control the speed but gets easier once you get the hang of it.
  • Holding the handlebars tightly for balance for long periods of time will cause arm fatigue and issues with the belt falling to one side have been reported in some cases which is annoying

Price Guide:

  • The price guide for this Manual Treadmill when last seen on sale with Argos at the time of this review was in the £90 to £120 price range which can be double checked below

2, Opti Motorized Folding Treadmill with Speakers JX-628W

Main Features:

Motorized Treadmill
1 HP continuous motor
Speed levels 1 to 12kmph
3 levels of incline (manual)
Fixed level 3% elevation
Console with 7 functions
Running deck is L125 by W42cm
MP3 connection
Built-in speakers
14 user programmes
Max user weight is 100kg

Advantages or Pros:

  • You don’t have to worry about the belt tension or holding the handlebars here like you do for the manual version
  • Perfect for people who wish to work-out in the comfort of their own home without having to worry about bad weather conditions or gym memberships
  • You get the MP3 connectivity and the built-in speakers which are a major plus to keep you motivated while listening to your favourite music playlists
  • You have the choice of 14 different training programs, you get a good speed range of up to 12 km per hour and again it can be folded away after use which again is perfect for people in smaller living spaces
  • It will remind you when it needs to be oiled (console function) and you can adjust the incline up to 3 levels depending on how hard you want to work and there is the auto safety stop feature to keep you protected. You can also track your pulse rate from the handlebars
  • Excellent service and delivery is provided by Argos who can track the delivery and they have a great customer service team to back it up

Disadvantages or Cons:

  • Price level is significantly higher than the manual version above and will cost anywhere from £150 to £200 more
  • Inclines need to be adjusted manually as they are not programmable
  • It is quite heavy to put away and fold up after use as the weight comes in at over 60kg which is one thing you need to bear in mind. Also, as it very heavy, you may not be able to move it upstairs if that is where you intend to use it

Price Guide:

  • The price guide for this Opti Motorized folding Treadmill with the speakers when last seen on sale with Argos at the time of this review was in the £250 to £300 price range which can be double checked below if you wish to take a closer look

3, Opti Motorized Folding Treadmill JX-653W

Main Features:

Motorized Treadmill
0.8 HP continuous motor
Speed levels 1 to 12 kmph
3 levels of incline (manual)
Hand grip pulse sensors
Console with 5 functions
Running deck is L120 by W40cm
10 user programmes
Auto stop system
Max user weight is 100kg

Advantages or Pros:

  • If you do not need built in speakers then you can save some money here as this option tends to be priced £30 to £50 cheaper than model 2 outlined above
  • In terms of weight, it is more manageable coming in at less than 45kg which makes it more possible to moving it upstairs in your home if needed.
  • There are 3 inclines available at 2.8%, 5%, 6.5%% elevation which can be manually adjusted by lifting and adjusting the brackets
  • You can start or stop, adjust the speed and track your pulse from the handlebars which makes it very user friendly and the speed level can be adjusted from 1 km per hour all the way up to 12km per hour.
  • It includes an iPad holder so you can listen to your music as you work-out and of course it can be folded away neatly after use which is perfect for people with limited living spaces.

Disadvantages or Cons:

  • Less powerful motor of just 0.8 HP continuous which would be significantly lower than many other brands and models that we have come across.
  • Limited functions on the console where you only get 5 where more expensive models offer a lot more than just 5 basic functions
  • If you weigh over 15st and 10Ibs or you want to run faster than just 12km per hour, then you should start looking elsewhere.
  • Smaller run deck size of 120 by 40cm which is smaller than option 2 above with speakers by 5cm by 2cm and of course there is no built-in speakers provided to keep you motivated as you complete your workout

Price Guide:

  • The price guide for this Opti Motorized folding Treadmill when last seen on sale with Argos at the time of this review was in the £220 to £260 price range which again can be double checked below if you think this would be a viable option for you

Part 3: Comparison Table for the Opti Treadmill models

A brief comparison table is outlined below which will add further clarity on what each of the Opti treadmills has to offer you including all the dimensions and weight information that you need to know.

FeatureOpti Manual JX-301Opti Motorized with Speaker JX-628WOpti Folding Motorized JX-653W
Motor:N/A1 HP continuous0.8 HP continuous
Speed:N/A1 to 12 kmph1 to 12 kmph
Running Deck:L104 x W32.8cmL125 x W42cmL120 x W40cm
Folded Size:H117 by W59 by D45cmH142 by W73 by D92cmH144.8 by W71.5 by D77.5cm
Size:H120 by W60 by D120cmH130 by W73 by D160cmH127.2 by W71.7 by D156.7cm
Console:5 functions7 functions5 functions
Max User Weight:100kg (15st 10lb)100kg (15st 10lb)100kg (15st 10lb)
Transport Wheels:YesYesYes
Speakers:NoYes, MP3 linkNo
Programmes:None14 available10 available

Part 4: Alternative Brand Comparisons

If you are still undecided about a Treadmill under the Opti brand, then you should definitely take a quick look at the options provided below from different brands which are certainly worth a closer look before you make your final decision.


Finally - Have you any experience yourself of using an Opti Manual or Motorized Treadmill in the past?

If so, it would be greatly appreciated if you can share your own experiences good or bad with the wider community by leaving your feedback in the comment section below – So that others across the community can learn also!

Many thanks for taking the time to visit and best of luck with your final decision

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  1. I have been looking at these treadmills for a while now but I honestly feel quite limited with the speed on these things, would there be another brand that you would recommend that can be used faster than 12kmph that is still within a budget friendly range and wouldnt leave a hole in my wallet?

  2. hi i have had 2 treadmills both have eventually broke when the pcb failed, the latest is a yorke t101, i cant get the board fixed and the price of a new one is about £150, i have looked for spares for opti but can not find any if the pcb goes do you have to buy a new machine.

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