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If you are looking to buy a Cheap Exercise Bike in the UK, then you won’t need to look any further than this researched list of 5 featured Cheap Exercise Bike models which are available across the UK marketplace at present. Before we begin, please be aware that this is a researched review list of the cheapest UK exercise bikes that we found across multiple suppliers and any prices outlined are based on what was on sale at the time of this review.

Please also be aware that these prices can change slightly from month to month so please make sure to view the price checkers outlined below to ensure you have the most accurate up to date price information. We also have made a really big effort to cover as many popular brands as we possibly could and some of these options are even available for less than £150 as you scroll down further through this list so there will definitely be something here that should catch your attention

Before you view our list of 5 cheapest Exercise Bikes online, feel free also to check out the video below which will give you some training tips in helping you to burn fat and lose weight over a 20 minute workout session.

Video Demo: Burn Fat Fast with a 20 Minute Bike Workout


Cheap Exercise Bikes in the UK

1, Opti Folding Magnetic Exercise Bike

Main Features

Small framed foldable exercise bike

1.6kg flywheel weight with variable tensons

Smooth magnetic resistance system workout

Folds up easily after use to save storage

Pedal strap and small tracking console

1 year warranty

Price Guide: Less than £120

2, Opti Magnetic Exercise Bike

Main Features

Small framed exercise bike (not foldable)

Flywheel weight is heavier at 2kg

Magnetic resistance system

Hand pulse sensors with tracking console

Max user weight is 100kg

1 year warranty in place

Price Guide: Less than £150

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3, Bodytrain Racer Exercise Bike

Main Features

Maximum user weight is 120kg.

Hand pulse sensors ad adjustable saddle

Heavier 18kg flywheel weight

Handlebars are adjustable.

Free UK delivery, belt driven.

Warranty 12 months

Price Guide: Less than £130

4, Evoland Foldable Exercise Bike

Main Features

Lower priced bargain alternative

Foldable exercise bike to save storage space

8 levels of adjustable resistance

Maximum user weight is 120kg

Tracking console for main fitness parameters

Non-slip pedals and large cushioned saddle

Price Guide: Less than £120

5, Ultrasport Foldable Exercise Bike

Main Features

Foldable exercise bike from Ultrasport

Hand pulse sensors on the handlebars

Maximum user weight guide is 110kg

F-bike trainer ideal for home use

8 levels of adjustable resistance

Made with stainless steel, non-slip pedals

Price Guide: Less than £150

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Which Exercise Bike would we choose from this list? For the lowest possible price and best overall value, it would have to be the BodyTrain Racing Bike outlined earlier and further price updates and images can be double checked below…

Community Feedback

Have you used any of these Exercise Bikes yourself in the recent past? If so, please educate others in the wider community by leaving your opinions or feedback in the comment box section provided below…

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  1. Just seen this and as I have 2 minutes to spare, I would like to express my feedback from this review. This is an excellent range I must say it shows me all the best and cheapest exercise bikes that I can purchase in the UK. That video is far too intense for me at the moment, maybe in a few weeks time when I get my fitness levels improved somewhat. My partner and I just came across this cheap list and wanted to express our feedback. We would only ever shop in a Sports shop for fitness exercise bikes and would have never have thought to look the brands and prices from Amazon or Argos, didn’t realise they had prices or brands as good as these. We can only fit a folding bike in our apartment so our preferences would be the Roger black, the Opti folding or the Ultrasport folding bikes here and the Opti wins out here for us based on having the lowest price. Thanks for your efforts of putting this page together, you have saved me lots of time and also provided a good set of information to compare the cheapest prices 

    • That’s great feedback and many thanks for taking the time to stop by and share your experiences, it is greatly appreciated by the wider community. Take care, Peter

  2. I have used Opti brand before for fitness gear so I would definitely prefer the bikes under that brand and the fact that they give so low prices is a major plus so they are the ones that I would recommend or suggest, this brand has never let me down before and the folding magnetic has received several good reviews from what I have seen elsewhere

  3. I really like how this review of cheap bikes also includes the information you need so I appreciate the additional information provided here.  I have always wanted a exercise bike but price was always against me but you have provided some great options here for me to consider that are affordable particularly the Lonsdale bike which looks like a great bargain altogether

  4. Weightloss bikes i know are very effective in losing weight and it also helps in the overall health as well. Although top of the range exercise bikes are worth the money, they might be too expensive for the average person. I got a cheap one from ebay but had to throw it in the bin after a week hence the reason why I am online searching again, these brands look good and trustworthy, the only thing I would insist on is a minimum 12 month warranty as back up which I know for certain Roger Black offers

  5. Didn’t realise Argos stocked such low priced Exercise bikes, that is great to know so thank you for pointing it out, I’m not looking for a cheap cheap bike – I prefer to spend a slight bit more as I need it to last several years.  I literally love the look of the V Fit Fit Folding Magnetic X Bike – it looks like a powerful bike so that is my preferred option but the Roger black is a close second.  I will sharing your link here in our fitness group forum who also are looking for value on a on-going basis as there is money to be saved here so thanks for doing your research

    • You are more than welcome and many thanks for taking the time to stop by and for sharing our links – it is greatly appreciated, Regards, Peter

  6. Well, let me say I love those V Fit bikes for exercising as they are cheap and they offer tremendous value and the brand is quite good as I have bought other items under this V Fit brand before and they serve me quite well. I was using a brand new bike made in China and it doesn’t work well at all, more problems that it is worth. One major reason why I love the Folding V Fit bike is that space is extremely tight where I live and being able to fold it up when finished is a major plus so that is the one that stands out for me

  7. Thanks for this review for the best value bikes for exercising. With this review I should be able to budget my money well and get a cheap exercise bike for my home gym. I’ll personally love to have the Opti manual Exercise bike as it has cool features and a price of less than £70, that is a steal in my opinion and its good idea that the batteries are included which is one less thing to worry about

  8. Nice review on cheap exercise bikes in the UK. Of course I would like to have one of these bikes to carry on my daily exercise to keep my body fit. I checked through all the specifications and these prices of the bikes you mentioned, i think based on cost wise I am more interested in the Lonsdale Exercise Bike. It’s specifications are okay by me but I will like to know if there is free shipping or if not  – what is the fee for shipping? Thanks alot. 

    • Hi, the delivery charges that normally apply for the standard deliveries from them is £4.99, sometimes more – hope that helps, Regards, Peter

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