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Many thanks once again for taking the time to visit and welcome to this JTX Exercise Bike Review which will cover 4 different exercise bikes under the JTX brand so at least you have more than one choice when it comes to making your final decision.

Following on from reviewing their treadmills, we have taken a detailed look at what their Exercise bikes have to offer in terms of usability, features, functionality and reliability. So, this review will outline all the main features that they have to offer plus all the major pros and cons that you need to be aware of also plus a comparison chart or table is provided further below so you can make your own comparisons on whatever feature interests you the most.

Please note also that guide prices can only be presented at the time of this review as prices can change slightly from week to week or month to month depending on local promotional activities – so please make sure to view the price checkers outlined below to ensure you have the most accurate up to date price information. If after reading this review and you are still undecided about an Exercise Bike under the JTX Fitness brand, then take a quick look also at alternative brands & models that are outlined at the end of this page that may be of interest to you.

This JTX Exercise Bike review will be outlined in 5 parts as follows…

  • Part 1: Brief Overview
  • Part 2: JTX Exercise Bike Range Review - Features, Pros and Cons for each
  • Part 3: Comparison Table for the 4 Exercise Bikes in the Range
  • Part 4: Finance options available with examples of what you can expect and Conclusion
  • Part 5: Alternative brand options for considering and comparing

Part 1: Brief Overview

Exercise Bike Brand:JTX Fitness
Models:4 models - Cyclo-Go, Cyclo 5, Cyclo 6, Cyclo Studio
Orders Online:Yes, with free next working day delivery in Mainland UK (orders before 2pm)
Best Place to Buy:JTX Fitness UK (West Sussex) – View Stock Availability Here
Price Guide:£290 to £1300 (at the time of this review)
Warranty:28-day money back guarantee, 1 - 3 years Home & labour repair, 10 year on the motor, lifetime on the frames
Support:Customer Service or personal trainers at 01273 453855

Details of the 4 exercise bikes available under the JTX brand are outlined below (2 images per model)

  • JTX Cyclo-Go Home Exercise Bike

Part 2: JTX Exercise Bikes x 4 Review - Features, Pros and Cons for each

1, JTX Cyclo-Go Home Exercise Bike

Main Features:

Ideal for serious starters
Electro-magnetic resistance system
Flywheel weight of 11kg and 16 resistance levels
Cushioned seat is adjustable
Handlebars are adjustable
21 fitness programmes to choose from
Includes Heart rate training
Warranty of 5 years on the frame
Warranty of 2 years home repair
Includes free heart rate chest strap
Design 4 specific programs yourself
28-day money back guarantee available
Finance available @ 0% APR 6 months or 12 months
Price Guide: £290 to £500 (cheapest option)

2, JTX Cyclo-5 Upright Bike

Main Features:

Upright bike suitable for all user heights
Electro-Magnetic smooth resistance system
Heavier Flywheel weight of 17kg
16 resistance levels also & water bottle holder
Seat & handle bars are adjustable
Heart rate chest strap training
19 fitness programmes (plus design your own)
User friendly clear and clutter-free screen display
Lifetime warranty on the Frame
Warranty of 3 years home repair
28-day money back guarantee
Self-powered (no cables) or mains powered
Finance available @ 0% APR 6 months / 12 months
Price Guide: £570 to £900

3, JTX Cyclo 6 Indoor Exercise Bike

Main Features:

Similar quality to Gyms – for intense cardio workouts
Indoor exercise bike for high intensity
Closely resembles road cycling
User friendly clear view console screen
Large flywheel weight of 22kg plus infinity resistance
Includes free heart rate chest strap
Quadri-Set Adjustment System for perfect posture
Dual Pedal System optional upgrade
Peloton Digital app compatibility
Wireless receiver to record your pulse rates
Warranty of 2 years home repair
Lifetime warranty on the frame
28-day money back guarantee available
Finance available @ 0% APR 6 months or 12 months
Price Guide: £470 to £900

4, JTX Cyclo Studio Exercise Bike

Main Features:

Similar to Gym quality bikes for extra intensity
Largest flywheel weight of 25kg - Max Traction
Includes infinity resistance and app compatible
Handlebars and seats are adjustable
Superior build with a superb workout design
Extra-large 2x 5 inch steel frame for stability
Quadri-Set adjustment system for perfect posture
Dual Bottle Holder included and advanced console
Dual pedal system included as standard
Lifetime warranty available on the frame
Option of 1 year commercial warranty OR
3 year Home warranty. Wireless pulse tracking
28-day money back guarantee no quibbles
Finance available @ 0% APR 6 months or 12 months
Price Guide: £650 to £1300 (most expensive)

Pros and Cons for the JTX Exercise Bike Range:

Main Pros or Advantages (10+)

  • Excellent quality of bikes overall with no impact on your knee or ankle joints which reduces the chances of injury unlike treadmills or road running
  • The oversized cushioned seats adjusts both horizontally and vertically for added comfort
  • They include solid transport castor wheels which significantly help with moving the exercise around your home from room to room
  • You have the ability to design and save up to 4 different personalised training programs to suit your own fitness levels on the Cyclo – Go home version
  • Great levels of resistance are available to choose from so you can select lower levels for warms ups and higher levels for more endurance training.
  • Noise levels are very low as they offer a smooth and quiet pedalling motion throughout even at high intensity levels
  • The console computer trackers give you all the information one would expect and tracks all the main parameters and metrics one would see available in top of the range exercise bikes and gyms around the country including body fat and pulse rates
  • You will also find the pedals easy to work with which are large, comfortable and the straps are secure
  • They offer a great and reliable service and will deliver the next day (if ordered before 2pm) and will drop in into the room of your choice which is a superior level of service. They also give you a message with a 2 hour time slot the day before the delivery.
  • Certain models have built in speakers plus Bluetooth connectivity so you can integrate apps such as Kinomap and the resistance levels will match those that are on the screen of your chosen virtual race
  • With the Cyclo 5, you have the self-generating power upgrade option which means that it won’t require cables or external power supply which means no cable wires and a tidier home gym overall
  • Lastly, to help you get started, JTX can also offer a free personalised training plan for you from an in-house personal trainer to help you reach your fitness goals and keep you motivated for longer

Main Cons or Disadvantages (10+)

  • Unfortunately, they cannot be folded away after use like what can be done for their treadmill range
  • The price difference between the retail price and the promotion price is far too big which we do not like – it suggests that the standard prices are inflated somewhat to begin with which in turn inflates the potential savings on offer.
  • Instead of offering such large discounts at specific times of the year, we believe it would be better to have a more rounded all year round price to cater for more people.
  • They can offer you a 28 day money back guarantee but please note that this will be minus the fees incurred with the collection
  • The cost of assembly is quite high (over £100) so you are better off tackling this yourself, they indicate that assembly assistance is not needed anyway.
  • If you need a Saturday delivery, it will cost you an additional £20 which needs to noted
  • Harder to reach locations in the UK will require additional delivery costs and more time to deliver and in some cases can be up to 5 working days to complete
  • The deliveries are generally very good however the companies used by JTX can be somewhat unreliable at times at meeting specific delivery time slots which is no fault of JTX themselves but is something to consider nonetheless
  • Assembly is not all that bad but you do need to ensure that you read all the instructions carefully and follow the steps without any mistakes.
  • Prices levels for their premium models will be viewed as being too high for too many people
  • Many people struggle with so many pieces that need to be assembled together – everything needs to be laid out clearly before you start and in some cases will take over an hours work to complete

Part 3: Comparison Table for the 4 Exercise Bikes in the Range

A detailed comparison chart or table is outlined below for the 4 different JTX Exercise Bikes so you can compare for yourself all the features that they have to offer including flywheel weights, dimension sizes, warranties, freebies/bonuses and weights involved across their range

Feature:JTX Cyclo-GoJTX Cyclo-5JTX Cyclo 6JTX Cyclo Studio
Flywheel Weight:11kg17kg22kg25kg
Resistance Levels:1616InfinityInfinity
Programmes:2119 (+ design 1)2121
Adjustable Seat:YesYesYesYes
Adjustable Handlebars:YesYesYesYes
Transport Wheels:IncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
Interval training:IncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
App compatible:N/AYes, eg. Kinomap Yes, eg, Peleton digital, Aaptiv, Bitgym appsYes, eg, Peleton digital, Aaptiv, Bitgym apps
Built in Speakers:N/AYes, Phone or MP3 connectionYes, Phone or MP3 connectionYes, Phone or MP3 connection
Water bottle Holder:N/AYesN/AYes - dual
Quick start buttons:YesYesYesYes
Watt ProgramIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
Maximum User Weight:Max 140kgMax 150kgMax 160kgMax 160kg
Unit Weight:34kg63kg66.5kg77kg
Seat:24cm wide24cm wide17cm wide17cm wide
Seat to Pedal:73cm to 92cm73cm to 92cm74cm to 101.5cm76.5cm to 95cm
Seat to Floor:82cm to 100cm82cm to 100cm92cm to 119.5cm94cm to 114.5cm
Size:L101 x W59cm x H149L128 x W61cm x H152L124 x W54cm x H122L132 x W51cm x H128
Home Repair Warranty:2 years3 years2 years1 year commercial or 3 year home
Frame Warranty:5 yearsLifetimeLifetimeLifetime
Bonuses:Free Polar heart rate chest strapFree Polar heart rate chest strapFree Polar heart rate chest strapFree Polar heart rate chest strap, water bottles x 2 & dual pedal system
Money back Guarantee:28 days28 days28 days28 days

Part 4: Finance Options Available and Conclusion

If you are not in a position to pay the full amount upfront, please be aware that JTX offer a finance arrangement so that they can be paid over a longer period of time be it a 6 month or a 12 month duration. You will need to pay for a 10% deposit though up front and then you can choose between either the 6 month term or the 12 month term at zero per cent APR if that is the route that you prefer to take. 6 examples of what you can expect to pay are outlined below

  1. Example 1 – overall price is £299, pay the 10% deposit of £29.90, then pay over a 6 month period at £44.85 per month
  2. Example 2 – overall price is £299, pay the 10% deposit of £29.90, then pay over a 12 month period at £22.42 per month
  3. Example 3 – overall price is £575, pay the 10% deposit of £57.50, then pay over a 6 month period at £86.25 per month
  4. Example 4 – overall price is £575, pay the 10% deposit of £57.50, then pay over a 12 month period at £43.12 per month
  5. Example 5 – overall price is £475, pay the 10% deposit of £47.50, then pay over a 6 month period at £71.25 per month
  6. Example 6 – overall price is £475, pay the 10% deposit of £47.50, then pay over a 12 month period at £35.62 per month


Do we recommend JTX Exercise Bikes? Yes - without a shadow of a doubt! The quality of the build, features, accessories, programmes, noise levels and overall smooth pedalling action was exactly as what we expected and more. The assembly is really simple but does need careful attention and the service level we found to go beyond our own expectations in terms of deliveries and back up support. Selected models have Bluetooth connectivity so you can also download various app’s on your smartphone or tablet and the complete real cycle routes from across the world which again keeps you motivated for longer.

Part 5: Alternative brands and models to Compare

If after reading this review and you are still undecided about an Exercise bike under the JTX brand or of you feel that they are simply out of your price range, then feel free also to take a quick look also at some the other Exercise bike options provided below which are certainly worth considering also before you make your final decision.


Finally - Have you any experience yourself of using an JTX Exercise Bike in the recent past?

If so, it would be greatly appreciated if you can share your own experiences good or bad with the wider community by leaving your feedback in the comment box section below – So that others across the UK community can learn also! (email addresses are kept strictly confidential and cannot be viewed by the general public)

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  1. Hi Peter. Thanks for this really comprehensive review of the JTX exercise bikes. You offer such a lot of good information, and it will no doubt make choosing a bike easier as I wasn’t that all familiar with this brand until now. I really like your comparison tables as well so that you can see the advantages and disadvantages together. I have a question though since all the bikes are quite expensive. Should you wait for the prices to be discounted, or do you think they are worth the money as they stand? Gail

    • Yes, I do think they are worth the money to be honest as the quality is superior in every way. They also offer promotional discounts at specific times of the year (after Christmas for example) – but you can also buy with the zero percent finance if you wish also. Best of luck if you decide to go ahead with them. Regards, Peter

  2. What a great deal of information that you have given out in this awesome and interesting article I must give you a big thumbs up… I encountered an article like this on the internet and it changed my knowledge about JTX Exercise Bikes and gave me a new system to approach JTX Exercise Bikes and what they have to offer. I tried this exercise bike a few days ago which is a really awesome CT to play an important role in getting me to exercise from home which you can try using especially when all the gyms are closed with the current lockdowns – important as we head into Winter. Thanks a lot for sharing your informative review

  3. This has been the most informative article that I have read in a long time on this bike plus it is easy to follow and learn from. There’s no questions asked that this has finally revealed every unbiased point about this bike and I appreciate that so much about your review. I have heard good reports about the JTX brand and their bikes certainly look and feel the part

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