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If you are looking to buy a low priced or cheap Rowing machine in the UK, then you should take a quick look through this researched review which will outline 7 different options across various brands and suppliers for you to choose from and many of these are available for less than £200 as you scroll further down through this list.

We have focussed on availability from separate suppliers who are household names and the good thing here also is the fact that you can order from them online from a secure location and get it delivered direct to you home hassle free which is one less thing to worry about.

Some preparations that you can take before you start your Rowing Machine workout:

  1. Give yourself 5 to 10 minutes duration to warm up and loosen out before you start
  2. Light exercises such as light jogging on the spot or jump in jacks for a few minutes
  3. Prepare your body for some light stretching of your inner thighs, hamstrings and Quadriceps.
  4. Once finished, allow for 5 minutes of a cool down period with additional stretching to prevent post-exercise problems in your muscle groups.

In addition, before you view our 7 recommendations for cheap Rowing machines, feel free also to take a quick look at the video below which will outline some tips to get the most out of your new rowing machine. Please be aware also that many of these prices can change slightly from month to month depending on local promotional activities so please make sure to view the price checkers outlined below to ensure you have the most accurate up to date price information.

Video Demo: Rowing Machine Operational and Workout Tips


Cheap Rowing Machines in the UK - 7 Recommendations

1, V Fit Fit Cyclone Air Rowing Machine

Key Features

Air resistance system - Max user weight 115kg

Lightweight design 21kg

AA batteries required - Folds up easily after use

LCD screen with 5 functions

Smooth rowing actions

Rowing Machine Description

  • The first Rowing machine on this list is the V Fit Fit Cyclone Air Rowing Machine and the price tag is generally sometimes available for less than £350 when seen on sale. This model has the air resistance system, a solid frame and rowing rail, a padded seat, oversize pivoting foot plates with toe straps and a 5-function exercise LCD screen (scan, calories, distance, time and speed)
  • One big attraction is the fact that it can be folded away after use to save space and it has transportation wheels to make it easier to move around your home. The size dimensions are H57cm by W47cm by D 194cm (when folded = H155cm by W47cm by D78cm) the weight is 20kg and it allows a maximum user weight capacity of 115kg. Delivery is normally 3 to 5 working days on average and they can be contacted directly on 01623 745 467 if needed (home assembly required)
  • The price level when last seen on sale in the UK at the time of this review was in the £250 to £350 cost range which again can be double checked below (batteries not included and will need to be bought separately)

Price Guide: £250 - £350 @ Amazon UK


Further low priced Budget Fitness Equipment products that may be of interest to you also while you are here:


2, Opti Manual Rowing Machine

Key Features

Lower priced budget option

Manual resistance system - 12 levels of tension control

Max user weight 100kg

Includes 1 AA battery - Requires home assembly

1 year warranty cover

Rowing Machine Description

  • At number 2 and the first from Argos is the Opti Manual Rowing Machine and the price range is generally sometimes available for less than £120 when seen at the time of this review and it is geared towards people who are seeking a bargain or the lowest possible price level.
  • As mentioned, it has the manual resistance system, it can be folded away after use for easier storage, transports wheels are included and the maximum user weight allowance is 100kg or 15 stone and 10lb. There is also the comfortable seat made from faux leather and there is a small mini console which outlines all the main basic tracking parameters you need such as times, strokes and scan
  • The size dimensions to take note of here is 138.5cm high by 42.5cm wide by 40cm deep (when folded = H136cm by W42cm by D38cm) and it requires self-assembly at home with a manual included and normally takes 20 minutes of your time. In addition, it has the pivoting foot plates with adjustable foot straps to keep your feet tight and secure.
  • The price level when last seen on sale at the time of this review was in the £100 to £150 cost range which can be checked below (batteries 1 x AA included)

Price Guide: £100 - £150 @ Argos UK


3, Opti Magnetic Rowing Machine

Key Features

Magnetic resistance system - 8 levels of tension control

Tracking LCD screen console

Adjustable foot straps

Max user weight 100kg - Batteries AAA x 2 required

12 month warranty cover

Rowing Machine Description

  • At number 3 and another option from Argos UK is the Opti Magnetic Rowing Machine and the price tends to be available for less than £250 when last seen on sale at the time of our researched review (can be tipped horizontally for storage)
  • This Opti Rowing machine operates with a Magnetic resistance system and has 8 level tension controls to choose from, it comes with a 2 part magnetic brake system which gives smooth rowing actions and will give you a much more intense and enjoyable workout which will help you to lose weight, tone up your muscles and give you a total body workout Included as standard is the console and the pivoting foot plates with adjustable foot straps to keep your feet secure and it also requires home assembly. Transportation wheels are also available for better mobility around your home
  • The size dimensions to take note of here is H68cm by W46cm by D156cm and the maximum user weight allowed is also 100kg or 15st and 10lbs – again home assembly is needed. The price region when last seen on sale at the time of this review was in the £200 to £250 cost range which again should be double checked below if needed (batteries 2 x AAA are included)

Price Guide: £200 - £250 @ Argos UK


4, Home Fitness Code Rowing Machine

Key Features

Magnetic rowing machine - 16 Level adjustable resistance

LCD console tracking Monitor - Deliveries in 4-6 days

Lightweight aluminium rails

Foldable Slide Rails - Unique Shock Absorber

Durable double Sliders

Rowing Machine Description

  • At number 4 and certainly one of our favourites on this list is the Home Fitness Code Rowing Machine which is priced a lot lower than expected and you should be able to get your hands on it for less than £200 when seen at the time of our review. Customer reviews are positive and the cost can be spread over 3 months using Klarna payments if you don’t want to pay for it all up front.
  • When ordering online, the home deliveries will cost approx. £20 extra and deliveries are usually 4 to 6 working days depending on your location. There are plenty of resistance options with the 16 resistance settings, it operates with a magnetic rowing mechanism and the LCD tracking console monitor reports back on strokes, times, speeds, scan and more.
  • When not in use, it can be folded up to save space in your home and there is plenty of padding in the saddle to keep you comfortable on longer sessions. You get a low impact high quality workout and the smoothness of the rails works exactly as expected and the level of noise emitted is extremely low. The quality of the design is really good and the components used are robust and of excellent quality including the pedals. It is suitable for people up to 6 feet 2 inches, the net weight is 20.5kg and the frame dimensions are 161cm long by 53cm wide by 78cm high

Price Guide: £150 - £200 @ Armada Deals UK

Home Fitness Code Rowing Machine in Action

5, Pro Fitness Air and Magnetic Rowing Machine

Key Features

Higher priced higher spec rower

High quality 2kg flywheel - Includes transport castor wheels

Max user weight 100kg - Magnetic resistance system

Small LCD console tracker

Warranty cover 1 year

Rowing Machine Description

  • Our next Rowing machine will cost you more but it is well worth it if you have additional money to spend and it’s the Pro Fitness Air and Magnetic Rowing Machine which is a higher spec Rowing machine than many others on this list. The design components here are excellent quality and the smoothness is as good as some of the higher end branded rowing machines. It is a combined air and magnetic rowing machine that provides you with an excellent low impact exercise routine and it comes with a high quality 2kg flywheel.
  • For the resistance, there are 8 levels of tension control, the foot pedals are adjustable with the Velcro straps and it can be folded when not in use to help you when it comes to storage. There are transport wheels for easier mobility and the LCD console tracker reports on total count, scans, calories, times and stroke count. The console requires 2 AAA batteries (which need to be bought separately) and it requires a small level of home assembly from the box delivery.
  • The maximum weight allowance guide for this rowing  machine is 15 stone and 10 lbs (or 100kg), the dimensions are 75cm high by 45cm wide by 100cm deep and it comes with a 12 month warranty protection for peace of mind.

Price Guide: £300 - £400 @ Argos UK

Further Cheap Rowing Machines

If the 5 Rowing machines outlined already don’t meet all of your expectations so far, then check out 2 further Rowing machines from Sunny Health & Fitness and Dripex that are worth a closer look before you make your final decision.

6, Sunny Health & Fitness Rowing Machine

Brief Summary

Lower priced budget alternative

Hydraulic cylinder resistant system

Includes 12 different levels of tension

Mini console tracking device

Ideal for casual users and bargain hunters

Price Guide: Less than £120

7, Dripex Magnetic Rowing Machine

Brief Summary

16 levels of adjustable resistance

Solid lightweight Aluminium rail

Deeply padded seat protection

Larger tracking LCD console screen device

For beginners, intermediate and advanced users

Price Guide: £200 to £300 level

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After reviewing this list of cheap low priced Rowing machines in the UK, we hope our work here can help you out in some small way and perhaps point you in the right direction. Which Rowing Machine would we choose from this list? For the lowest possible price and best overall value, it would have to be the Home Fitness Code Rowing machine outlined earlier and today’s updated price can be double checked below…

Community Feedback

Have you used any of these Rowing Machines yourself in the recent past? If so, please educate others in the wider community by leaving your opinions or feedback in the comment box section provided below…

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  1. Thanks for writing out this article and helping me find a really cheap rowing machine! By the looks of them all, the Charles Bentley foldable rowing machine will work best for me but I do appreciate the fact that it was simple to compare these prices from various suppliers – something I haven’t seen before on the net – as I has a few minutes to spare I thought I would share my feedback from what I read here. I also love the features  such as the digital  LCD screen and it’s pocket friendly. Thanks for the research.

    • No problem, you are very welcome and many thanks for taking the time to stop by and leave your feedback, it is greatly appreciated! Peter

    • A good floor mat under your rowing machine will help to protect floor surfaces and stop carpet dust and fibres from getting into your machine. Some can cost over £100 but the GIOVARA floor mat protector on sale with Amazon offers good value – check it out here

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