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If you are looking to buy a Cheap Treadmill in the UK, then you won’t need to look any further than this researched list of 5 featured Cheap Treadmill models which are available across the UK marketplace at present. Please note that this is purely a researched review list of the cheapest treadmills that we found across multiple suppliers and any prices outlined are based on what was on sale at the time of this review so feel free to choose whichever model you feel will work best for you.

As prices can change slightly from month to month, please make sure to view the price checkers outlined below to ensure you have the most accurate up to date price information. Please also be aware that we have excluded manual treadmills from this list and stuck to motorised versions only as they are much more popular for the general public and many are available for less than £350 as you go down further through the list

Before you view our list of 5 cheapest treadmills online, feel free also to check out the video below for added information.

Video Demo: Best Value Cheap Treadmills

Cheap Treadmills in the UK

1, CITYSPORTS 2HP Folding Treadmill

Main Features

Speed levels up to 12km per hour

LED display and Bluetooth speakers

Motorized electric treadmill with 2HP motor

Lightweight design only 26.5kg

Easily fold down for compact storage

Price Guide: Less than £300

2, Nero Sports Folding Treadmill

Main Features

Great value low priced electric treadmill

Operates up to a max speed 10km per hour

Bluetooth Connectivity to KINOMAP

iPhone, iPad and Android connectivity

3 incline options require manual adjustment.

Price Guide: Less than £250

3, Opti Motorised Folding Treadmill

Main Features

Preset smart workout programs x 10

3 manual levels of incline

Operates up to max speed 12 km per hour

Pulse sensors on the handlebars

Motor power 0.8HP (peak 1.5HP)

12 month warranty period.

Price Guide: Less than £500

4, CITYSPORTS Folding Treadmill CS-WP3S

Main Features

Small and compact foldable treadmill

Built in speaker with Bluetooth connection

Peak motor power 2HP

Lightweight design 25.35kg

One click folding design mechanism

Can be folded down under a working desk

Price Guide: Less than £300

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Tips on how to assemble an Opti Motorised Treadmill

5, JLL S300 Digital Folding Treadmill

Main Features

Larger more powerful alternative

15 preset professional programs built in

20 incline levels to choose from

Operate up to max speed level 16km per hour

More powerful motor up to 4.5 HP

2 year motor cover warranty protection

Price Guide: Less than £600

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Which Treadmill would we choose? For the lowest possible price, it would have to be the Citysports Treadmill outlined earlier and further price updates can be double checked below.

Community Feedback

Have you used any of these Treadmills yourself in the recent past? If so, please educate others in the wider community by leaving your opinions or feedback in the comment box section provided below…

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  1. Just checked all these prices and I found that the Nero Pro treadmill is by far the cheapest treadmill here. I am not too familiar with the brand but from what I hear elsewhere they are decent enough as long as you don’t overdo and burn out the motor. The deck seems a bit narrow and the max speed of 10km per hour may be a bit slow also, but I guess they are some of the reasons for the best cheapest price. One question, is it easy to assemble or does it require several hours work?

    • Many thanks for your question, this treadmill will only take a few minutes to assemble as it is nearly ready to use straight out of the box. Best of luck, Peter

  2. I have used the Roger Black treadmill before and I can certainly say that this is one of the best treadmills I have ever used. I weigh a little over 100kg so and it was able to carry my long distance running without any issues whatsoever. You don’t even need all the 14 programs as there are 5 of them which I tend to use only and they give plenty of options that I need. Some of the cheap treadmills I have used before gave far too many problems with the deck belt slipping and a burning type smell from the motor so my preference would be to select a better brand and pay a little bit more to save hassle in the long term.

  3. Hi Peter, Great list of Cheap Treadmills and I am familiar with at least 4 of these brands. I actually have the Reebok ZR7 Treadmill and must say it is an incredible piece of equipment. The LED display is very easy to use and just makes your workout that bit easier as you can basically program your own workout. The running belt itself is very durable and I have had no issue with performance. It’s a great treadmill for the cheap price tag so for me I would recommend this for everyone else based on my personal experiences with it

    • That’s good to know so many thanks for sharing your feedback with the wider community, it is greatly appreciated. Regards, Peter

  4. It just so happens that I am newly in the market and finding it quite difficult to find reasonable reviews for budget priced treadmills – I want to avoid a cheap treadmill that have bad quality motors that wont last 12 months. I didn’t expect to see Reebok treadmills here and I would certainly be choosing either the Reebok GT40S Treadmill or the Reebok ZR7 Treadmill based on the options provided here, didn’t realise Argos stocked them either, plus they offer great warranty as well which I did not expect either

  5. Great article on cheap treadmills Peter! Although I always look at quality instead of price, sometimes it is not bad to look for cheap ones also as the quality is often good enough for my own personal needs. You mentioned some brands I know and although they are cheap they seem to have good warranties as back up which is a must. Didn’t realise that Argos stocked the Roger Black range – good to know as that one seems to tick off most of my boxes and that it the one I would most likely go for

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