BodyTrain Treadmill Reviews – Value for Money?


Hello once again and welcome to this BodyTrain Treadmill Review which will cover 5 different models under the BodytTrain brand so at least you have more than just one choice when it comes to making a final decision.

This review for the BodyTrain treadmills will cover 2 models in detail that offer the lowest possible price and then we will also briefly outline the main features from 3 further models under this brand which cost slightly more than the initial 2 models as they may be of interest to you also if you have additional money to spend at your disposal.

Before you start, please take note that price guides can only be presented at the time of this review as prices can change slightly from month to month or week to week depending on local discount activities – so please make sure to view the price checkers outlined below to ensure you have the most accurate up to date price information.

This review for the BodyTrain Treadmill range will be outlined in 5 main parts as follows…

  1. Part 1: Short Overview
  2. Part 2: Review of the 2 lowest priced options under the BodyTrain brand
  3. Part 3: Comparison table or chart for the 3 lowest priced options (includes the T900 Elite)
  4. Part 4: Overview of 3 higher priced Treadmills under the BodyTrain brand
  5. Part 5: Compare Alternative brand suggestions

Part 1: Overview

Treadmill Brand:BodyTrain
Models:5 models with different capabilities
Orders Online:Accepted with hassle free home delivery
Best Place to Buy:Sport & Leisure UK (Shenstone) – View Stock Availability Here
Price Guide:£130 to £700 (at the time of this review)
Warranty:12 months
Support:Customer Service at 01562 312087

Part 2: Review of the 2 lowest priced options under the Bodytrain brand

1, BodyTrain BPM Treadmill

Main Features:

Motor power only 500W
Maximum speed is 1 to 6km/hr
Simple assembly process
User friendly LED display
Can be folded upright
Locks tight when folded
Holders for tablet / phone
Free delivery UK mainland
Compact and lightweight
Size is 120 by 60 by 122cm
Folded is 125 by 60 by 32cm
Overall weight is 24kg
Max user weight is 100kg

Advantages or Pros:

  • The first under review under the Bodytrain brand is the basic and lowest priced BodyTrain BPM Treadmill which is very easy to assemble from the box and tends to be available for less than £170 when last seen on sale.
  • The first big attraction is the fact that it can be folded away neatly after use in a vertical position and it can be locked tight which is ideal for people who have small type living spaces
  • It also offers you a tablet or phone holder so you can stay connected and entertained while you complete your workout
  • When orders are placed, it can be delivered on the next working day for free and there is also a reliable 12-month warranty available which gives additional confidence if there are any problems with the delivery
  • Although the console tracker screen is quite basic, it still can provide you with information on speed levels, travelled distance, times taken, Pulse Rates and burned calories

Disadvantages or Cons:

  • This a very basic treadmill and not suitable for hardcore athletes looking for longer type sessions – suitable really for lighter type brisk walking or light jogging as it is limited to a maximum speed of 6km per hour only.
  • If you wish to run faster than 6 km/hr or you need to have pre-set programmes, then skip to the models outlined further below.
  • Many people will find that the running deck of 1m by 34cm is far too small for intense workouts and that the power from the motor is not strong enough to cope with high intensity cardio workouts.
  • Overall a very basic model with no MP3 connection, no Bluetooth, no water bottle holder, no inclines and no programmes but it does have an easy to use console to keep track of your training routines and offers a lower price if that is what you are after

Price Guide:

  • The price range for this BodyTrain BPM Treadmill when last seen on sale with Sport & Leisure UK at the time of this review was in the £130 to £170 region which can be double checked below if you wish to explore the option with the lowest possible price level

Further Images of the BodyTrain BPM Treadmill are outlined below

  • BodyTrain BPM Treadmill

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2, BodyTrain Speed Treadmill

Main Features:

Motor power of 1.5HP
3 Manual Incline levels
Maximum speed is 1 to 12km/hr
MP3/USB Connection
Multi-function LED display
Can be folded & locked upright
Running deck is 122cm by 40cm
Free delivery UK mainland
Size is 158 by 70 by 126cm
Folded is 80 by 70 by 138cm
Overall weight is 39kg
Transport wheels included
Max user weight is 110kg

Advantages or Pros:

  • This is a significant step up from the model outlined above but will cost you around £100 more which is well worth it if you have the additional money to spend as it provides a host of additional features and a more powerful motor that can operate at higher speeds of up to 12 km per hour and a stronger 1.5HP motor
  • You have the options of 3 different inclines to use, you get a useful MP3/USB connection so that you can listen to your favourite music as you train plus there is a holder for your phone of tablet provided.
  • Another big attraction is the fact that it has a lifetime warranty on the motor which is one less thing to worry about. The pulse rates and speed levels can be controlled from the handlebar buttons also giving you better control and balance when making adjustments
  • If space is an issue for you, this treadmill can also be folded away in an upright position to save space and there are also the handy transport wheels which helps with mobility around your home from room to room. It is heavier but it also has the soft drop and lift mechanism to help you. Overall, this treadmill performs quite well and provided good value for money from our experience.

Disadvantages or Cons:

  • You are limited to a maximum speed level of 12 km per hour where many other treadmills we see operate up to 16 and even 20 km per hour.
  • The inclines need to be adjusted manually which can be annoying for some who prefer to be able to adjust the inclines at the press of a button. There is only 3 available also where we see a lot more inclines available from other brands in the industry
  • Only 12 pre-set programmes are provided where more advanced consoles we see offer a lot more than just 12 which is not all that bad at for the price level it tends to be available for.

Price Guide:

  • When last seen on sale with Sport & Leisure UK at the time of this review, this BodyTrain Speed Treadmill was in the £230 to £270 region which can be double checked below if you wish to explore a more premium option

Further Images of the BodyTrain Speed Treadmill are outlined below

  • BodyTrain Speed Treadmill

Part 3: Comparison Table for the 2 Lowest Priced Options

A short brief summary comparison table is provided below which compares the BodyTrain BPM vs the BodyTrain Speed and also vs the BodyTrain T900 Elite treadmill so you can compare for yourself all the main features, sizes, motor power and deck sizes etc for yourself…

Feature:BodyTrain BPMBodyTrain SpeedBodyTrain T900 Elite
Motor Power:500W1.5HP1.75HP
Speed:1 to 6km/hr1 to 12km/hr1 to 16km/hr
Inclines:N/A31 to 15%
Programmes:N/A12 preset12 total
Foldable:Yes, UprightYes, UprightYes, Upright
Soft Drop:N/AIncludedIncluded
Max User Weight:100kg110kg100kg
Deck Size:100cm by 34cm122cm by 40cm123cm by 42cm
Size Dimensions:120 x 60 x 122cm158 x 70 x 126cm168 x 58 x 130cm
Folded Dimensions:125 x 60 x 32cm80 x 70 x 138cm85 x 70 x 148cm
Pulse Sensors:IncludedIncludedIncluded
MP3 /USB Connection:N/AYesYes & GFIT app
Speakers:N/AN/ABuilt in
Warranty:12 months12 months12 months

Further Images of the BodyTrain T900 Elite Treadmill are outlined below

  • BodyTrain T900 Elite Treadmill

Part 4: Overview of 3 Higher Priced Treadmills under the Bodytrain Brand

A short overview is also outlined below of 3 higher priced Treadmills available under the Bodytrain brand that can cost as low as £300 up as far as £700 which can be double checked further below

3, BodyTrain T900 Elite Treadmill

Main Features:

Motor Power of 1.75HP
Inbuilt shock absorption system
Incline levels 1 to 15%
Includes GFIT app control
Speed level is 1 – 16 km/hr
MP3 connection
Built in speakers
Deck size is 123 by 42cm
Unit weight is 58kg
Max user weight is 100kg
Price Guide: £300 to £350
View Price Checker Below

4, Bodytrain Fitmax Treadmill

Main Features:

Motor Power of 3HP
Incline levels 1 to 15%
Innovative spring suspension
Powered Control Inclines
Speed level is 1 – 18 km/hr
MP3 connection available
Built in speakers
Deck size is 130 by 48cm
Unit weight is 80kg
Max user weight is 140kg
Price Guide: £420 to £500
View Price Checker Below

5, BodyTrain Fitness Master 8008B

Main Features:

Motor Power of 3HP
iPhone / Android App Control
Incline levels 1 to 15%
Powered Control Inclines
Speed level is 1 – 18 km/hr
MP3 connection available
Built in speakers
Deck size is 136 by 50cm
Unit weight is 96kg
Max user weight is 150kg
Price Guide: £600 to £700
View Price Checker Below

Part 5: Compare Alternative Brands

If you are still unsure about a Treadmill at this point under the BodyTrain brand and wish to explore further options, then make sure to check out and compare the 3 options provided below which are certainly worth a closer look before you make your final decision…


Finally - Have you any experience yourself of using an Bodytrain Treadmill in the recent past?

If so, it would be greatly appreciated if you can share your own experiences good or bad with the UK wider community by leaving your feedback in the comment box section below – So that others across the UK community can learn also! (email addresses are kept strictly confidential and cannot be viewed by the general public)

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  1. Thank you very much for this review, Peter. We have a very small flat overrun with our child’s toys so space is at a premium – one of the reasons why we never bothered with a treadmill even though I found it extremely effective and enjoyable. I never even considered that there would be foldable ones now. I always imagine treadmills as these huge machines that you can barely move an inch, let alone lift up. How times have changed! On another note, do you know how quite these treadmills are when they’re on? I reckon I can only use one when my little is napping (otherwise, he’d want to give it a go too) but obviously wouldn’t want to wake up a sleeping child.Thanks again.

    • They are as quite as many other treadmills but the harder your work, the louder they are so perhaps you should only do light workouts while your little one is napping!

  2. Recently my old treadmill stopped working. While I was looking on the web, I came across this post that dealt with treadmills. The technical sheets are well made and many details. I appreciated the pros and cons described for each article on the page. Thanks to Peter for sharing his knowledge and giving me an overview of my next purchase which will be the T900 without a shadow of a doubt.

  3. Hey thank you for the awesome review!  I really like the whole idea of this site, first off, because I want to be fit, but I am on a budget, so this is awesome!  I like the looks of the BodyTrain Treadmill.  It may not be the most fancy of treadmills, but it is cheap and it would fit my budget nicely.  Thank you!

  4. Thank you for the review! it’s such a great help. Many people including myself find it very challenging to make a decision regarding these equipments, but this post gives a very straight forward and simple review. I will be going back to this when I purchase my next training device. 

  5. I have never used a Treadmill for exercise, but I have been considering buying one since I am 60 and could use a good daily workout.  I like the cheaper model, mostly because I am not into spending much money.  El Cheepo., loI, I like the fact that even the cheapest model has a phone holder and I also like how it folds away! Do you think with the cheaper model I can still get a decent cardio workout.  I know it can only go 6km per hour, is that fast enough for a good workout IYO? Are the more expensive models able to fold away like the cheap model does? The other models are too fancy for me, I am a simple guy, simple works for me.

    • Yes, you can still get a decent workout from it but you need to use it regularly each week. Yes it is foldable and simple as you say but good value for the amount of money needed in our opinion. Regards, Peter

  6. I didn’t know too much about this brand bodytrain early before now, and I must say this is a very thorough review which has helped me and my partner get a better understanding about it. I have used treadmills for the past 4 years and looking for something I can actually rely on usually twice or three times per week. Prices look like they work also so thanks for doing the work of reviewing it before I consider buying. Thanks.

    • We are delighted that our review has been helpful to you and your partner and best of luck with it in the coming years. Take Care, Peter.

  7. Heard about Bodytrain treadmills from a friend so I wanted to check out a few reviews on the web. These are ideal for a small flat like mine. I’ve been thinking about getting a treadmill, a smaller and cheaper version of those that you can find in a gym, and your reviews have helped a lot. My only concern is their durability. In other words, I’m 185cm and 80kg. Are these strong enough to last long under my weight and which one of those would you recommend for large people?

    • You should check out the maximum weights and speed levels that are available in each of the treadmills outlined above. The Bodytrain T900 Elite may be the one that will work best for you but please make sure to check the deck sizes and max weights applicable for each treadmill model outlined in this review. Thanks Peter

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