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Greetings once again and many thanks for taking the time to visit our Roger Black Treadmill review which will cover 4 separate models under the Roger Black brand which include the Easy Fold, Gold Plus and Platinum models so at least you have more than once choice when it comes to making your final decision.

This review will outline all the key features that each of them has to offer plus all the main pros and cons that you need to know so at least you the consumer can make an informed decision before you buy. We will also outline a comparison table at the end of this review which should add further clarity on what each model under the Roger Black brand has to offer you the end user.

Please note also that guide prices can only be presented at the time of this review as prices can change slightly from month to month or even week to week depending on local promotional activities – so please make sure to view the price checkers outlined below to ensure you have the most accurate up to date price information.

If at the end of this review you are still unsure about a Treadmill under the Roger Black brand, then feel free also to view alternative brands and models which are also outlined further below that a worth a closer look as they offer lower price tags. This review for the Roger Black Treadmills will be outlined in 5 parts as follows so feel free to skip to whatever part interests you the most

  1. Brief Overview
  2. Roger Black Easy Fold Treadmill Review (with Electronic Incline) – Features, Images, Pros and Cons
  3. Outline of other Treadmill models under the Roger Black brand
  4. Comparison Table for all 4 Roger Black Treadmill models
  5. Alternative Brand Comparison Options

Part 1: Brief Overview

Treadmill Brand:Roger Black
Models:Easy Fold x 2, Gold Plus & Platinum (Total 4)
Orders Online:Yes, delivery is usually 3 to 5 working days
Cheap Place to Buy:Argos UK – View Stock Availability Here
Price Guide:£300 to £600 at the time of this review
Warranty:12 months standard (you can also pay extra for 3 years Breakdown Care)
Support:UK Customer Service at 03456001714

Part 2: Roger Black Easy Fold Electronic Incline Treadmill Review – Features, Pros & Cons

Roger Black Easy Fold Electronic Incline Treadmill JX-651SW

Main Features:

MP3 connectivity
Includes built-in speakers
Motor is 1HP continuous (peak 2HP)
15 levels of incline (0%-15%)
Multi-function console tracker
Speed levels of 1 to 13kmph
Innovative Folding system
Bluetooth connectivity
Handlebar Pulse sensors
16 user programmes available
Running deck is L121 by W41cm
Programmable incline
Auto stop safety features
Maximum user weight = 110kg
Assembled size is H135.3 by W71.5 by D162.5cm
Folded size is H25.5 by W71.5 by D162.5cm
Assembled weight is 54kg.
Transport wheels included
Arrives fully assembled.

Advantages or Pros:

  • The one thing that you will like is the fact that it can be folded very easy, neatly and flat so that it is completely flat with the console and in line with the running deck as outlined in the images further below.
  • The incline is also electronic and programmable which is a major plus when you don’t want the hassle of having to change the incline manually
  • You get lots of different choices throughout for building your cardiovascular fitness with 15 different levels of incline to choose from and also 16 different user programmes to work through depending on how hard you want to work. The programmes include a manual, 10 pre-set, 3 user settings, your pulse control and also your body fat analysis.
  • No assembly work is needed (unlike many other cheaper brands) as it is more or less built and ready to go once delivered so no time is wasted here
  • There are the built-in speakers, Bluetooth and MP3 connectivity that will allow you to listen to your favourite tunes and to keep you motivated as you complete your training regimes and it offers a speed level operation from 1kmph up to 13kmph
  • Overall, we found to be a reliable and great feature rich performing treadmill and does exactly what you need it do and comes at a much more affordable cost range for the average home owner and the safety key is great to have especially if you have children about.

Disadvantages or Cons:

  • You are limited to a running speed of 13km per hour only so if you wish to run faster than this, then you should start looking further below
  • Limited also to just 6 functions on the console as other models can offer a higher set of functions to keep track of your workouts and fitness levels.
  • As it weighs over 50kg, it will be difficult to move it upstairs if that is where you intend to use it so please bear this is mind.
  • You don’t get a water bottle holder to keep you saturated for long distance running.
  • Minor issues have been reported about the belt which needs to be tensioned or adjusted from time to time and it cannot be folded upright (only flat down)

Price Guide:

  • The price guide for this Roger Black Easy Fold Treadmill when last seen on sale with Argos at the time of this review was in the £290 to £330 price range which can be double checked below if you wish to take a closer look

Further Images of the Roger Black Easy Fold Treadmill with the Electronic Incline are outlined below:

  • Side View

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Part 3: Outline of other Treadmills available under the Roger Black brand

In addition to the Easy Fold Electronic Incline above, there are also 3 further models available that range in price from £320 up as far as £600 for the Platinum model and each of these are summarized and outlined below. Some of key point to note are as follows:

  1. The standard Easy fold model has only the manual incline with 2 inclines available, it also has the smallest running deck size of L120 by W41cm
  2. The Gold Plus is quite heavy at over 60kg in weight and allows a heavier user weight of 120kg. You get 15 levels of programmable incline and operates 3km per hour faster than the Easy Fold.
  3. The Platinum model allows the heaviest user weight of 135kg or 21st & 4lbs and offers the fastest speed of up to 18 km per hour which is 2 km per hour faster than the Gold Plus and operates at 5 km per hour faster than the Easy Fold. It also has the most powerful 1.75 continuous motor than any of the other models under the Roger Black brand

2, Roger Black Easy Fold Treadmill JX-651W

Main Features:

Motor is 1HP continuous
Manual Incline (2 levels)
MP3 connection
Includes built-in speakers
Multi-function console tracker
Speed levels of 1 to 13kmph
Innovative Folding system
Running deck is L120 by W41cm
Handlebar Pulse sensors
14 user programmes available
Auto stop safety features
Maximum user weight 110kg
Transport wheels included
Assembled weight is 49kg
Arrives fully assembled.
Price Guide: £320 - £370
View Price Checker Below

3, Roger Black Gold Plus Treadmill JX-663SW

Main Features:

Motor is 1.25HP continuous
Programmable Incline (15 levels)
Speed levels of 1 to 16kmph
Folding system / iPad Holder
Running deck is L125 by W45cm
MP3 / Bluetooth 4.0 connection
Built-in speakers included
10 Multi-function console tracker
Handlebar Pulse sensors
16 user programmes available
Transport wheels provided
Assembled weight is 61kg
Auto stop safety feature
Max user weight of 120kg
Fully assembled upon delivery
Price Guide: £450 - £500
View Price Checker Below

4, Roger Black Platinum Treadmill JX-680SW

Main Features:

Running deck is L135 by W46.5cm
MP3 / Bluetooth 4.0 connection
Motor is 1.75HP continuous
Programmable Incline x 18
Speed levels of 1 to 18kmph
Folding system / iPad Holder
Built-in speakers included
Multi-function console tracker
Handlebar Pulse sensors
16 user programmes provided
Transportation wheels
Assembled weight is 74kg
Auto stop safety system
Maximum user weight of 135kg
Delivered fully assembled
Price Guide: £550 - £600
View Price Checker Below

Part 4: Comparison Table for the Roger Black Treadmill Models

A quick summary is provided below which compares all the main features associated to each of these treadmills under the Roger Black brand such as the motors, running decks, weights and dimension sizes.

FeatureElectric Incline Easy Fold JX-651SWGold Plus JX-663SWGold Plus JX-663SW
Motor Size:1HP continuous (2HP Peak)1.25HP continuous (2HP Peak)1.75HP continuous (2.5HP Peak)
Incline Levels:15 (0% to 15%)15 (0% to 15%)18 (0% to 18%)
MP3 connectivityIncludedIncludedIncluded
Bluetooth connectivity:YesYes 4.0Yes 4.0
Speakers:Built inBuilt inBuilt in
Speed levels:1 to 13 km per hour1 to 16 km per hour1 to 18 km per hour
Console:6 functions10 functions6 functions
Max user weight:100kg or 17st & 5lbs120kg or 18st & 13lbs135kg or 21st & 4lbs
Folded Size:H25.5 x W71.5 x D162.5cmH145 x W78 x D96.5cmH148.5 x W79 x D108.5cm
Assembled Size:H135.3 x W71.5 x D162.5cmH134 x W78 x D170cmH137 x W79 x D171cm
Running Deck Size:L121 x W41cmL125 x W45cmL135 x W46.5cm
Assembly:Fully assembledFully assembledFully assembled
Transport Wheels:YesYesYes
Auto stop safety:IncludedIncludedIncluded

Part 5: Alternative Brand Comparison Options

If after reading this review that you are still undecided about a Treadmill under the Roger Black brand, then you should definitely take a quick look also at the options provided below from different brands which are certainly worth considering before you make your final decision.


Finally - Have you any experience yourself of using an Roger Black Treadmill in the recent past?

If so, it would be greatly appreciated if you can share your own experiences good or bad with the wider community by leaving your feedback in the comment section below – So that others across the community can learn also!

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  1. Excellent review you have written up here for the roger black treadmill. This treadmill has ticked all boxes for me right now concerning the kind of treadmill I want and I’m sure I will get particularly from this brand. I just started my working out back and I want to set up a mini working out gym in my home and that’s the reason I want to get this treadmill. Going by the price range, the easy fold electronic inclined treadmill is great and It is just perfect for me. Great post! Cheers!

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